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1- L'homme au masque d'or (2h15-in french)

2- Bodyslam the movie

3- That 70's Show (30 minutes)

4- Austin in Nash Bridges Pt.1 & 2(1h. each)

5- USA Poltergeist - The Legacy (featuring the Undertaker)

6- They Live (feature Rowdy Roddy Piper)

7- Mccinleys Island (feature Hulk Hogan & The Giant)

8- Dennis Miller live/ Goldberg (30 min.)

9- Assault on Death Mountain (2h. starring Hulk Hogan- Reese)

10- HHH Drew Carey show

11- Surburban Commando (Hulk Hogan)

12- Baywatch (wcw)

13- Mad About You (Savage)

14- Suddenly Susan (Hulk Hogan)

15- Jacques Rougeau at Fort Boyard

16- 20/20 on backyard wrestling

17- Matlock on wrestling

18- Jesse Ventura movie

19- The Princess Bride (Andre the Giant)

20- Mr. Nanny (Hogan)

Many 30 minutes MTV's Celebrity Death Match including Austin vs Vince