MSG OCTOBER 1983 (3h.)

1- Rene Goulet Vs Tony Garea
2- S.D. Jones Vs Tiger Chung Lee
3- Sgt. Slaughter Vs Ivan Putski
4- Tito Santana Vs Iron Mike Sharpe
5- Bob Backlund Vs The Masked Superstar
6- Bob Backlund Interview
7- Bob Bradley Vs Mike Graham
8- Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka interview
9- Don Muraco interview
10- Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka Vs Don Muraco (famous steel cage match that Mick Foley watched from the first row and make him aspire to be a wrestler
11- Cap. Lou interview
12- Rocky Johnson (The Rock's father) Vs Samoan #2
13- The Invaders Vs Israel Matia & Butcher Vachon (Luna's father)
14- Andre the Giant interview
15- Andre the Giant Vs Samoan #1