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ECW Home Video

ECW Home Video

Event: The Night the Line was Crossed 1994
Date: February 5, 1994
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Arena: ECW Arena
Attendence: 1,000

911 pinned Chad Austin....Mr. Hughes pinned Sal Bellomo (5:17)....Double Dog Collar Chain Match: Tommy Cairo and Sandman defeated Pitbull #1 and Rockin' Rebel when Cairo pinned Pitbull in a "double dog collar chain" match....No Rules Match: Public Enemy (Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge) defeated The Bruise Brothers (Ron and Don Harris) in a "no rules" match when both TPE pinned both Bruise Brothers....Jimmy Snuka pinned Tommy Dreamer....The Sheik and Pat Tanaka defeated Tazmaniac and Kevin Sullivan when Tanaka pinned Taz....JT Smith pinned Mike Awesome....World Heavyweight Title Match (Triangle Match): Terry Funk drew with Sabu and Shane Douglas (60:00) in a "triangle" match to retain the title.


Event: When Worlds Collide 1994
Date: May 14, 1994
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Arena: ECW Arena
Attendence: 1,000

Tommy Dreamer pinned Rockin' Rebel....World Television Title Match: Mikey Whipwreck defeated 911 by Disqualification to retain the title....Jimmy Snuka pinned Kevin Sullivan....Singapore Caning Match: Tommy Cairo and Peaches defeated Sandman and Woman in a "Singapore caning" match when Peaches pinned Sandman....Pitbull pinned Tazmaniac....Handicap Eliination Match: JT Smith and The Bruise Brothers (Ron and Don Harris) defeated Shane Douglas, Mr. Hughes, and Public Enemy(Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge) in an "handicap elimination" match. Smith was the survivor. Hughes, Douglas and The Bruise Brothers were counted out. Smith pinned Rock. Smith pinned Grunge....Sabu and Bobby Eaton defeated Terry Funk and Arn Anderson when Sabu forced Funk to submit.


Event: Double Tables 1995
Date: February 4, 1995
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Arena: ECW Arena
Attendence: 1,000

The Pitbulls (1 and 2) and Jason the Terrible defeated The Young Dragons and Hack Meyers (11:20) when Jason pinned Meyers....Tommy Dreamer pinned Stevie Richards (7:38)....Mikey Whipwreck pinned Paul Lauria (9:17)....Ian Rotten pinned Axl Rotten (6:41)....Chris Benoit pinned Al Snow (14:36)....World Heavyweight Title Match: Shane Douglas pinned Tully Blanchard (9:26) to retain the title....Texas Death Match: Cactus Jack defeated Sandman (15:46) in a "Texas death" match....World Tag Team Title Match (Double Tables Match): Sabu and Tazmaniac defeated The Public Enemy (Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge) (12:48) in a "double tables" match to win the tag team titles.


Event: Three Way Dance 1995
Date: April 8, 1995
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Arena: ECW Arena
Attendence: 1,150

The Pitbulls (1 and 2) defeated Johnny Hotbody and Tony Stetson....Raven pinned Tommy Dreamer....Mikey Whipwreck defeated Ron Simmonsby Disqualification....World Television Title Match: Eddy Guerrero pinned Too Cold Scorpio to win the title....Hair Versus Hair Match: Axl Rotten defeated Ian Rotten in a "hair vs hair" match....Hack Meyers pinned Dino Sandoff....World Heavyweight Title Match: Shane Douglas pinned Sandman to retain the title....World Tag Team Title Match (Three Way Match): The Public Enemy (Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge) defeated Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko and Tazmaniac and Rick Steiner in the "three way dance" to win the tag team titles. Taz was pinned. Rock pinned Malenko.


Event: Big Ass Extreme Bash 1996
Date: March 8, 1996
Location: Queens, New York
Arena: Lost Battalion Hall
Attendence: 1,200

Kendo Nagasaki and Chris Michaels defeated Damien Stone and Joel Hartgood (1:31) when Michaels pinned Stone....JT Smith pinned Hack Meyers (2:47)....Chris Jericho pinned Cactus Jack (13:55)....Taz defeted Mikey Whipwreck (4:12) via submission....World Tag Team Title Match: The Eliminators (John Kronus and Perry Saturn) defeated The Pitbulls (1 and 2) (14:06) when Pitbull #2 was pinned....Best 2 Out of 3 Falls: Juventud Guerrera defeated Rey Misterio, Jr. (16:26) in three falls. Misterio pinned Guerrera. Guerrera pinned Misterio. Guerrera pinned Misterio (16:26)....Big Titan pinned Judge Dredd (3:42)....World Television Title Match: Too Cold Scorpio drew with Sabu (20:00) to retain the title....Buh Buh Ray and Dances with Dudley defeated The Headhunters (A and B) (2:36) when Buh Buh pinned Headhunter B....World Heavyweight Title Match: Raven pinned Sandman (12:27) to retain the title.